Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 5, 6 & 7

It’s been awhile!  Finding the river is harder for blogging than expected… more the lack of brain power at the end of the day.  Facebook has truly been a lifeline for me… seriously, if you’d like to follow the trip closer, follow me there!

I’m sitting at my friend’s home, Terry, in Huntington West Virginia, after a long, beautiful, hard week.  I had to take a quick moment and get down a few days…

Random notes:

·         My knees hurt *sigh*
·         I was completely ignorant on the significant history along the Ohio River!  I’m more an English/Scott history buff… and while I know the events, I didn’t put two-and-two together that it happened HERE.  Pretty cool.
·         Everyone had me freaked out on barges… um, stay out of their way y’all… seriously one of the easier river obstacles!  I found having a marine radio to hear their chatter and keeping a large rainbow umbrella open (boom, they can see me) when they come around a blind corner keeps us both safe.  For something to do, I’ve been keeping a log of how many I pass a day (me:nerd).
·         Henry isn’t liking the boat as much as I’d have hoped.  Mind you, it gets HOT on the river- and this with a cold spell- but I was hoping, needing him to be with me more.  I’m lucky to have M&B have the ability to take him, but it sortalotta sucks (and he’s not listening to me without our training and non-stop time together *deepsigh*)
·         Being on the river is easier than stopping.  I keep being asked if I get bored…. Haven’t yet.  Not a moment. 
·         I keep hoping I’ll be suddenly ‘healed’- it still hasn’t happened.  I find it frustrating.
·         I get heat/sun rashes that would make you blush… no bikini warrior princess for me!  If you see me on the river, I’m covered head to toe!
·         I got the names of the mayor and river angels!!  Heidi is the mayor in the town that let us camp in the city park.  Gerry was the name of the owner of the first marina we stayed at….and, drum roll… my river angels found me!!!  BOB & LISA (HURRAY!!)

Day 5

·         New Cumberland Lock
·         24 miles
·         Headwind. 
·         Beautiful, hot camping right on the river
·         Ended at mile 81.5- home of Rayland Marina

Hello Mayor of Ohioville!

Henry has the self control of a rockstar...wait! No! Not a rockstar...a, monk!

Hot, hot, hot...and a spoiled dog

Rayland Marina, end of day 5

Day 6

·         Breakfast at Pike Island Lock!
·         21 miles
·         Ended at mile 102 (I broke 100 miles!) in Moundsville, WV
·         Channel 7 News came out to do an interview
·         Tom the Lock Master and his amazing crew… can’t say enough… found friends and fellow contractors, veterans and dog lovers- Taught me it’s a good idea to stop now and again!
·         Saw the American Queen paddleboat in Wheeling West Virginia!  They had a loud jazz festival going on too- if I wasn’t so dang quirky, I’d a stopped for the day…waved to a bunch of kiddos
·         Wind cooperated, but that’s because she brought a rain storm!  Found I loved being on the water in the rain- no sun and cooler – call it my Scottish blood
·         Fell HARD while trying to get off the boat in the downpour… the men in the above bar later told me they all saw the spill (ugh, bruise, much?)
·         Had chicken wings for dinner and saw myself on the news...after falling on the deck, it was extra embarrassing
·         High Point of the day:  Tom and his guys at the Lock
·         Low Point:  The marina owner asking I leave through the back door so her guests wouldn't see Henry… I was too tired to take the opportunity to educated her on the law & service dogs

Lock view of my beauty!

Full Pike Island Lock

Lock Men!

Lowered water height at Pike Island

Now that's art...

Coming to Wheeling, WV

The American Queen

Henry stealing my bed

Watching the news at the marina

Day 7

·         Hannibal Lock
·         36 mile day!
·         Ended at mile 138 in Sisterville, WV and left the boat for 2 nights at the BEAUTIFUL new public dock next to the ferry
·         Drove to Marietta for church and a stay at the Comfort Inn
·         Unbelievably excited to sleep in a bed… so was Henry… he took the other bed all to himself
·         There was a parrot convention at the hotel!

To be continued…. Marietta deserves a post all her own (Linda, Diana, Judy…andandand…wow, you guys!)

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